N Space

Taoping’s smart rest station was specifically designed with a unique modular foundation, that can be tailored
to fit countless usage scenarios. The company envisions this being used to transform existing spaces into dynamic,
multi-usage spaces such as unmanned supermarkets, cafes, commercial displays, locker, ticket offices, smart bus stations,
and government affairs offices - all to improve the overall quality and service experience of the public.

Unmanned supermarkets Cafes Locker Baby care room Government affairs offices Smart bus stations Ticket offices Commercial displays
Product Highlights
Public Service

Taoping’s energy efficient smart rest station benefits consumers, operators and the environment.by fully integrating multi-functional convenience services such as device charging ports,food and drink vending machines, clean restrooms, and more, the company is solving common problems typically faced at outdoor recreation sites, government locations, and tourism destinations, to name just a few examples.

Government affairs offices
Fire safety
Smart bus stations
Sanitation lounge
Advertising displays
Commercial displays
Sharable chargers
Sharable umbrella
Emergency medical
donation site
Baby care room
Clean restrooms
Smart Large Screen

Taoping boasts a long track record successfully serving high traffic locations. The company knew it could perfectly
integrate large-screen multimedia displays with the smart rest station, to provide an effective way to expand the advertising media
resources in key cities across the country. With the help of the smart cloud platform, Taoping can now offer a point to point,
fully interconnected solution with high quality terminals and comprehensive, refined intelligent marketing services.

Taoping Outdoor LED Screen

Taoping Intelligent Terminal

Application Scenario
  • Tourist Attractions
  • Night Market
  • Bus Stop
  • Theme Park
  • Cultural Square